Backpacking in the wilderness!

This was the first weekend Hubby had off of work in about 3 weeks…  And he got to spend it in the woods, in the rain, in a tent, but with me!


We had planned this weekend months ago with E and K!  They are our wilderness expert friends, and they put up with inexperience! 


I received my spread sheet from E, containing what we needed to bring, a column for me to enter each items wt, and which pack it should be packed into!  :)

It’s ok, I’m used to E and his spreadsheets! They actually come in pretty handy! I’ve re-used previous ones for other things I do!  But I am also the person who has a spreadsheet for grocery shopping – and it is per store!  One for the regular grocery store, one for super target!  Yes, I am aware that I am a dork!

Anyhow!  Hubby had to work till late – as usual (on this project) – on Friday.  So it was my duty to determine what we needed to bring, weigh it all, compression pack the sleeping bags, roll the sleeping pads, find the hiking clothes, etc etc etc

We headed into the wilderness with E and K  the next day.  It was “only” a 3.1 mile hike. In the Lost Creek Wilderness. With 25 poundson my back, and 35 on hubbies!


We followed the creek the whole time. It was nice to have the sound of water with you!


I was going a little slow. It was going to be a long hike. The humidity was unreal. Well unreal for Colorado standards! I was sweating more than I normally do at the gym. Sigh. Ick!  (I did buy myself a wicking shirt today when I returned the packs)


We finally made our destination – WigWam park – Beaver Dam. Tons of Beaver Dams! Very cool. And then…  It started to rain!  We quickly put up our tarps and huddled under awaiting the rain to cease. It stopped long enough for us to put up the tents. And then again right after dinner and KP duty. Figures! But at least I got to pee without getting my booty wet!


We slept in! Except for a 2am pee run, we slept till 8am! Woohoo!


We headed back out around 11am again. We made better time, my pack was packed differently so I was able to look up and around without smooshing my head on the pack.


It was a fun time, rain and all!  No blisters, nothing too sore.