Cheif Mountain – Evergreen



Hubby and I did a pretty good hike for the 4th!  Thanks to our friend Eric who suggested that hiking when it is hot, can be pretty pleasant if you head to upper altitudes!  Really – you think I could have thought of that, eh?


Anyhoo we did Chief Mountain!  1.8 miles each way, 1100 foot elevation gain!  We were doing our share of huffing and puffing, and for some reason peeing!  Who knew lack of oxygen meant you needed to pee?


It was a nice hike, it went pretty quick!  I finally remembered to wear my gators!  Yeah! No dirt in my boots!


The top had some great views and we got to watch the 30% chance of rain breeze by!  Altitude wasn’t too rough on us. No sickness, no tummy trouble, no woozies!  We were pretty psyched that we got to climb a mountain! And there was still snow!


Only trouble was getting there. It is 12 miles on a windy mountain road (uphill) that a ton of road bikers like to ride. Of course the road is barely wide enough for a car, never mind bikers that don’t tend to stay on the edge. At one point we were passing some bikers nad then the better bikers were also attempting to pass other bikers at the same time – what a cluster! 


We did try to get to one of our fav Colorado wineries but they were closed. Sigh.


So it was lunch at the bar at Chili’s instead!  Happy 4th of July!