Weekend Abs


This weekend was Pilates training! I found muscles that I never even knew existed! It hurts when I burp!!


I’m certified in a multitude of aerobics formats, and one of them in Yoga Fit. This weekend was a training in their new format – Pilates Fit. I had signed up for it a couple months ago and for some reason thought it was just a Saturday thing. OH NO. It was 2 days – 9-6 each day. Ooofa! Kinda messed up my weekend!

The training was very good. It was a very basic format for teaching.Nothing too complicated. Lots of time spent on how to activate the core muscles. How to engage the kegles. How to find the difficult to engage transverse abdominals! We spent so much time engaging it the next day it wouldn’t even attempt to fire for me! I spent a bit of sunday just watching!  I was pooped!


Basically we were doing Pilates matt exercises for almost 4 hours! Each day!


I’m excited about what I learned and hope to spread theknowledge to everyone else I know!

Anyone up for some torture?

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