Typical embarrassing moment!

Last evening we went as a group to dinner. That would be my boss, my lead and the senior member of the sales team.  Pretty cool guys. I can hang!  3 of us chose a pairing dinner – so that would be 4 tastes. The first taste came with champagne. We are eating, drinking, and chatting. Suddenly my glass flies out of my hand, and shatters on the table into 3 pieces and my poor co-worker gets the whole glass all over him.




Luckily it was the first glass or I would have been considered a lush.


Unfortunately this happens to me kind of often (maybe ever month of so). I can just be standing somewhere and suddenly my hand twitches and the glass is no longer in my hands. I’ve been noticing it more often… So I think I might get a bad nick-name…  I’ll keep you posted!