Saw this Tuesday night with the hubby! He’s been so excited about this movie since it was announced last year some time!  I was a little wary, since it is a movie about robots…  But when I saw the preview I was a little more willing to do my part and accompany my cute little hubby to the movies!

 The movie!

It was really cool!  The way they actually made the vehicles transform from real cars to robots (that looked pretty much like the ones on hubby’s desk) was really cool. There was no artifacts that made it look cheesy, it was damn cool!

They even kept the truck windshield for Optimus prime!  I enjoyed the film! We went to the 8:30 and I managed to stay away till it was over at 11pm. I wasn’t even yawning!  (BTW – that means a lot if you know me and movies – it takes a ton to impress me).  The story line was pretty cool. Not sure how it all related to the real cartoon story!  I loved the facial expressions of the robots too. That was again, pretty dang impressive!


It is nice that since it is a story about robots that they kept it PG-13. Little scary for the small tykes, but cool for teenage boys!  So if you are a spouse dreading having to see this, go and trade for a night of shopping, you’ll win on this deal!!