Shopping Success!


Saturday I met with Lori for another shopping extravaganza! This time I brought my friend Kim, who was visiting me, along for some clothing advice and shopping as well!


Lori had the dressing room set up for me – as usual! I love that part!  And she was so excited as we were heading to it! She had found some things we had been looking for!


So on and off with clothes, different styles and sizes, and in the end I ended up with

1 Kick butt red suit – great middle buttons slim the body!

2 really funky hip shirts, that went with a number of other things – fun fun!

1 generic white shirt but with jujing at the bust level to accentuate! Gotta accentuate!

1 herring bone tulip shape skirt – super cute!

1 flirty black with purple flowers skirt – fun as can be

1 kick butt red leather jacket!  Being shipped to house since my size was unavailable. C

1 structured denim jacket – goes with everything!

1 pair of serious kick butt red leather boots (EDW – wait till I get a picture in here, you are going to love them!) Love these boots!

1 pair of short black boots – pointy for elongating the leg!  These will be replacing my other squared pair – since the point is better!


Kim got some really cute pieces! Zebra print coat, funky wrap dress, 2 print shirts but no shoes!  She has some great coloring that I just don’t – so I’m jealous about the zebra print coat!  Sleeves roll up to show off a red lining, so cool!


I am extremely happy about my new purchases and can’t wait to start wearing them!


Today since hubby had to work – again – Kim and I did what we used to do in So. Cal – went shopping! We hit the mall again!  I found a gorgeous brown structured shirt (petite) that will match my skirt and maybe even go with the red suit!  Found a cute denim skirt too!  (Talbots), and then at the Gap, the new jeans were in! They actually hit your waist, so you aren’t showing as much crack!  I got the darker color and they looked and felt fantastic!  Can’t wait to wear them!  It was really a great shopping weekend! I’m broke, but I’ll look fabulous!



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