Off to NY

I’m off to NY for business tomorrow – yes that would be Sunday.  Gotta love having to be there first thing in the morning, which even happens to be 10…  Well, we are going to arrive close to 8:30am to make sure everything is setup and ready for us to start with a bang!  Fingers crossed!


Today I’m doing laundry, figuring out the best travel sizes to bring along etc. But of course nothing is easy for me, cause we also have to be there the following week. But the weekend in between is a Yoga Renewal  weekend here in Denver/Boulder. And my friend Loren is joining me. Therefore I have to fly back and forth. So I am going to hit my house for a total of  10 hours. I land Thursday night – 9pm, head to the house, kisses to the hubby, hello’s to my friend, sleep, off to Boulder for our Renewal Weekend with Deepak Chopra (which I am totally psyched about). The weekend ends at 2pm Sunday, and I head directly back to the airport – no passing go, no collecting laundry… Dropping poor loren as the hotel nearest the airport – which is not near the airport or anything else..  I hit NY again at 11pm ish. None of the fellas I work with were willing to come get me (not without a lot of wining) so the Project Manager told me to get a limo. Cross your fingers I don’t die!  Just kidding, it was recommended by the hotel we are staying at! 


So hopefully I’ll have some down time in the evenings during the week to let you know how my trip is going. I’m assuming I’m not going to get to see anything hence why I didn’t tell any of my east coast peeps I was coming. I figure later in the project I can plan a better weekend stay after the work week and enjoy myself a bit more!


The other bummer – hubby has been away since Thursday night getting ready for his conference. Checking out the location etc. (Make sure if you are a code monkey doing the latest and greatest that you hit this conference. They do a really good job – and I’m not saying that just cause he’s mine!)

He gets home tonight around midnight. So we’ll have breakfast (of one manner or another – wink wink) and then I have to leave him.  DIA parking is getting a butt load of moneyfrom us!


So me and the boys are chilling, doing bills, laundry, packing, cleaning…  Wanna help?