Is it me or is it something else

I have a friend K from high school. We have been/are/were best friends since 9th grade! We were have moved to different parts of the country, both got married, but tend to stay in touch!


She lives in Seattle. My in-Laws live near Portland, Oregon. Her in-laws live in Boulder, Colorado.  Now that I think of it, kinda creepy! Here is the funny part, whenever she is in Colorado, I’m not. Whenever I am in Washington, she is not! We joke, but we really don’t think anything weird is going on, it’s usually Christmas or day so travel is expected of the children (being me and her)


Hubby is doing his conference in august, so I sent the following Email:

Subject:  so you're out of town on aug 11th?  
I'm coming with hubby for the week he is in town for his conference!
Figured since i would be so close you would definitely be elsewhere!




Subject: You are not going to "$%^&" believe this

we're in Boston Aug. 11-20 for weddings



I was rolling on the floor laughing!  I think we are now magnetically polar opposites!