Food Glorious Food


Friday hubby got stuck at the office and it was raining too hard to light rail up and visit him. So Kim (who was visiting) and I decided to try this new Mediterranean place that I have seen.


Ali Baba – 

8800 S Colorado Blvd
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

We were impressed with the décor and the menu. So much so that it took us quite a while to pick what we wanted! I went with the traditional Lebanese kabob, Kim did Gyro. I always forget that I don’t like ground meat on a stick, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I might have, but the flavor was very good! The Gyro meat was incredible! The hummus was beyond belief! A consistency that is unexplainable smooth! The flavor was so good! Better than even the Farmers Market in LA – where I used to drive to get hummus! We started with the Falafel and that was very tasty!  The jasmine rice was even fantastic! I will definitely be going back to this gem! There is so much food one could even split the entrée if you wanted! Came with a salad and the hummus on the table.


Apparently this is a sister restaurant to one in Golden! I hope it gets enough business to stay afloat but not so crowded that I don’t want to go anymore!


Saturday we  finished our day of shopping and were waiting to see Harry Potter at  9:30 showing –  so decided on dinner at Nono’s Cafe!


311 E County Line Rd Ste 101A
Littleton, CO 80122-8116View Map
(303) 738-8330

I decided to show off our local favorite to Kim!  We love this place but tend to not go too often since it is in no way shape or form low in calories! 


We had never been for dinner and were wondering what to expect! We had found this gem by the DMV when we first moved. It has since moved to a nicer location, bigger building, better lay out! We got the kicken chicken sandwhich that day and have not branched out since! We sometimes do different appetizers, but never change our meal! It come with a great chicken breast, cheese, toasted bread, a good heaping of spicy guacamole, and some spicy tomatoes! We have probably only gone 5 times in the 1.5 years, but we just can’t seem to branch out! The pickles are this weird gummy, spicy, yummy style! Love it! The dipping sauce and bread is super duper yummy!  As many other on the city search board have complained, the service is indeed usually slow. We definitely try not to be in a hurry. The owner isn’t the nicest to us, but we figured it was cause they are extremely religious and can sniff out the heathens like us! (They have a bible verse in the concrete on the way in. They also have religious things on the menu, but since we don’t branch out, we rarely read it!)


Service was indeed slow, luckily we had indicated we had a 9:30 movie to go to. We did get one of the slowest appetizers – grilled crab quesadilla – and that took almost 45 minutes, which the waitress indicated was longer than usual!  She was very nice, and refilled my water multiple times!


It can definitely be a crap shoot on the service, but I think that sandwich is worth the hassle!