Day two of Renewal Weeked with Deepak Chopra

Chopra Day 2


Day started with Yoga. Choices were yoga level 1 or 2.  We went with 1 since we hadn’t been practicing yoga with the fervor we once had!  It started out ok, I didn’t really expect to get a work out so that was as expected!  We did a bit of chanting during sun salutation that was ok.  Next day was better for that.  Then near the end we sat and focused on our Chakras (via location and colors) and did a mantra that was focused on that area and damn if the vibrations didn’t really work. I found that very interesting and cool!  Everything was going just dandy and they the instructor started talking about random hugging! AHHHHH!  Now, I’m a hugger by nature, but I don’t really get into the whole let’s love every body and do random hugging!  So I was once again on a roller coaster of this is pretty cool, this is pretty freaky!


After that we had time for breakfast and then a group meditation. We were to use our Primordial Sound Mantra’s given to us the day before. Ok. So we closed our eyes – started with a couple questions which weren’t necessarily required to be answered but to just be put out there – Who Am I, What Do I Want, What steps to I need to get there, What am I willing to release. OK, interesting thought questions. I didn’t have any answers so figured I’d let my internal mind do the answering. So meditation starts. It is scheduled for a ½ hour. There are over 300 people in this room together. People make sound!  Coughing, breathing, sniffing, walking around…. ARG!!! How’s a girl supposed to get into her inner soul with all this sound?  At the end we went over as a group of how people felt. And how we were supposed to accept the sounds of the world around us and that once we could do that we could go to Time Square and meditate…  ok… I’ll give it a shot.  The leader did indicate that there were times when hearing other people made you want to do them bodily harm, but to keep practicing and letting it go! I did feel pretty good. Had a bit of tingly around my head by the end, so I was either losing my mind or it was calming!


After meditation THE Deepak came to speak to us. OMG was he boring as hell!  I tried, I really did. I kept sitting up straight, focusing on him…  nope, still boring. So I took out my book and started reading. Sorry. He’s just not the fella for me!  I’m sure people out there will shreek in horror, but whatcha gonna do, he’s just not for me. Now Max. Dr. Simon’s son, he’s a fabulous speaker and i really enjoy listening to him!  He’s the fella for me!


Then is was lunch!  Back to Rock Bottom!  Nummies!


After lunch was a movie of Deepak’s.  I told Loren there was no way I could do it!

I tried to indicate to her that by no means should my limited interest sway her. But she agreed, so we went swimming and hot tubing instead. Had to relax my inner soul, right?


There was another meditation session at 3:45. We arrive. No seats. There were enough seats earlier…  I guess everyone’s butt got bigger and were taking up 2 seats. So we had to grab some floor space. Not too bad, but we were both a smidge sleepy so we were doing the rolling meditation!  Head forward, circle around, up straight, wake up!


After that was Dr David Simon. He was pretty interesting, but I was more interested in seeing my hubby- he was coming for dinner!


Dinner was the Thai place again (Tuk Tuk Thai Bistro)!  Love that place!

Loren had purchased some books so she was interested in getting them signed.  Hubby and I took a walk around behind the Westin. Westminster has a large park back there. Very cool. We saw a whole colony of Prairie Dogs, lots of babies too!  Super cute!


Again, we plopped into bed exhausted by 9:30…  Party animals – I tell you!