Day one of Renewal Weeked with Deepak Chopra

Weekend Renewal


Seems I should have read the fine print. I thought this was a yoga type thing. More, it’s a freak type thing!  Ok, maybe not that bad!  It is really more about meditation and touchy feely stuff than yoga. I did get my personal manta (primordial sound). Which was kinda cool. It is supposed to be the sound the earth was making when you came into the world.  I’m not sure if it is the sound that is most soothing to me, but it is something I can remember!  I can’t tell you cause it is my “seed”. And it wouldn’t do you any good anyway! 


So we arrived yesterday to the throngs of others here for see Deepak Chopra. I don’t know much about the guy and don’t really care if I do meet him. Anh.


We start with the primer by the son of one of the founders. Max. He’s very funny, keeps you interested, and engaging. So far so good. Next we have our “meeting” to get our primordial sound. My appointment isn’t till 4:30 – figures, it’s only 1:30.  Loren’s appt is at 3:50.  We start off with a massage class. I get a little freaked cause you need a partner. What?  Good thing Loren and I had each other eh?  It wasn’t as creepy or freeky as a I though. NO nudity, just some simple things once can do with another person. Pretty sure if they partnered me with a stranger I would have been out of there!  I find this hysterical since I will get buck naked in a small room with a stranger and let them rub me till the cows come home!  I am a strange one eh?


After we got our sound we were supposed to meditate with it for 20 min. I made it 10.  Not bad for first shot eh?


After that we had some din din at Tuk Tuk Thai – OMG – yummy!


Finally we headed to the welcome speech!  And then fell into bed, exhausted!