Bellagio and The Black Forest Bew Haus

Bellagio Pizza Restaurant

211 Airport Plaza Blvd
Farmingdale, NY 11735
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(631) 777-8282


Local pizza/Italian joint!

Definitely crowded as other reviewers mentioned (city Search), but as I was waiting for takeout I saw most people were able to find a seat. Almost every group had at least one glass of the wine – gotta try that next time!  I got the eggplant parm – OMG! Being from an Italian family from north of Boston I think I can pick out good gravy! (red sauce for those not with Italian upbringings!) Very good! Garlic bread sticks were tasty!  We returned for Lunch a few days later – shortly after high noon and were able to order, find seats, and get out in 45 minutes. That time I had the balsamic chicken and Portobello salad. Yummy! Great flavors! Just a little sad that I didn’t have any gravy to dip the bread in!

Pizza looked fantastic, and due to the size I don’t find 2-3 dollars to be outrageous for a good slice of pie!



Happy hour was at the Black Forest Brew Haus.

Black Forest Brew Haus

2015 New Hwy
Farmingdale, NY 11735-1103View Map
(631) 845-4715

Service was basically horrific. But I think it was the waitress. Other tables appeared to have their drinks, food, and re-fills on time. I enjoyed the Heff. Locally brewed! Also had the crab cake sandwich – very tasty! Fish and Chips were deemed  just mediocre but the Seared Ahi Wrap was very very good! It was hard to keep the sun off at happy hour, umbrellas didn’t do much, but once the sun lowered below the building it was comfortable! There were older large groups there hanging around and the means of obtaining your beer appeared to be to walk your own self to the bar and get it yourself!