Sunday Hike – Mt Galbraith

Hubby and I got up on Sunday attempting to beat the heat and get in a hike!  I had narrowed down the selection to 3. Hubby didn’t want and up and back, so we went with a partial loop hike at Mt Galbraith.  It is a 5.3 mile hike with about 1500 foot elevation gain.  It is over behind Golden and promises views of the Coors Factory, Down Town Denver, the continental divide and a couple other mountains in the area. It was already 85 by 9am when we arrived. Sigh…  Also in the description was talk of trees and shade. Fingers crossed!  We started up and were amused by the number of Fathers out hiking. We wondered who’s idea the hike was. Who was having more fun!  Even more amusing were the mom’s that appeared to have been roped into the family event! 


We made it to the loop portion – and we had a choice. We decided left since I couldn’t remember what the book said. WRONG!  IT wasn’t that steep, views were good, but we got to a point where it was unclear where the path went. Hubby saw something that went up – over a downed tree – I always get nervous when I see trees in the path – was it Park Service or nature that blocked the path?


So we decide to follow what hubby say – my rational being his path was going up, and if it was wrong, we would just have to come back down, where as my path appeared to be going down. So up we trudged. The path seemed well enough traveled, and kept going. At one point we appeared to be on the summit, which of course was weird since the map showed up circling around the summit.  As we were heading back down we see some people on a part of the trail (we assumed our trail), they looked at us funny, we looked at them funny. Then we reached where our trail met their trail and it was really really blocked indicating not to take this trail!  Ooopsie!  Now we know why they were looking at us weird, thinking we had been bad hikers! So we were lucky that it was an old trail that still hit the main trail or it would have been a very long hike!


We were chuckling about it all the way down!


Another neat thing was all the really cute dogs! It is Denver so the dog is welcome almost everywhere!  It was a little hot for me to consider bringing a dog on a 5 mile hike, but that’s me.