Weekend Excitement

Friday night we attended a comedy show – at Comedy Works – Brett Butler was the headliner! I forgot how subtle she can be!!  She was a hoot and went way way way over her allotted time! Yeah for us!


After the show we went to La Fondue for din din!  Just as yummy as last time, and waaaay too much food! Pretty sure I gained 5 pounds just from dinner!

Saturday we hit up our neighbors yards sale – got a couple things for camping – cool stove that sits on top of the propane canister, and a hip pack – and a couple books!


Saturday afternoon was our monthly jaunt to Costco – I got me a new jewelry box – maybe box is too small of a term. I got me a jewelry armoire. Super cool and like some other ones I had picked out for the hubby to get for me!  I finished setting it up today! It’s about 2 feet tall, sides open and have hooks for necklaces to hang, top opens and has a mirrror – although i’m so short I can’t really see into mine! 5 drawers that open, watch and bracelet holders, dividers! Oooh so much fun! Almost as fun as getting a new purse and moving all your stuff to just the right spot!  (please tell me i’m not the only one here!)

We also got a super cool square cooler! Supposed to keep stuff cold for 5 days! Sweet!


Sunday it was time work off all the food we ate (we also gosushi boats for dinner from Costco on Saturday!).  I picked one, well a couple and hubbynarrowed it down. It was supposed to be 4.2 miles. Called the Dakota ridgehike, supposed to see some fossils, near Golden. Figured it would be cool.  When we got there we decided to revamp thehike from what the book described and make it a loop. I mis-read the labels andinstead of it being just a little bit more – like 4.5 it was more like6.5!  Ooopsie!  It was a fun hike except for the fact that itran between 2 highways, so you could hear that, it was next to a dirt bikecourse as well as Bandimere Speedway – so you could hear the back fire of therace cars! There were a number of bikes, and sections were a little small for passing in some places. We would go back and do the other half of our modified loop  next time! 

(Those of you looking to repeat – we did the Dakota Ridge Trail -> Red Rocks Trail -> Red Rocks Trail instead of the Morrison Slide to save mileage -> Red Rocks Trail -> Shorter Side of the Village Trail  – total 6.6 miles.  Next time we’ll stick with the Red Rocks Trail side and do the longer sides of the middle loops)