The rest of beer fest!

So E came to visit this weekend! It was really great to have him visit! We were pretty much inseparable when we were co-workers. His wife referred to me as the work wife. It worked out well!


Friday we hung out and had our typical guest food – Marinated Flank steak with the hot and spicy marinate and dipping sauce!!!  



Saturday was the beer fest – see last entry.


Saturday night we decided we needed to rest from all the sun, beer and 3 hours of driving!  We got some movies – The Ghost Rider (not bad), Monster House (super funny not for kids) and another one hubby and I still have to watch!


This morning it was time for E to get ready to leave. Sigh.What a bummer!

We had home make waffles – ala me  – and bacon! I made me a pepper and onion egg goodness – can’t leave bacon grease towaste!!  Always need to cook something init – it is just too good!


After that we loaded the car and headed down town – it was our second year to visit Larmier Square – La Piazza del Art

There was a much bigger set up, a silent auction, wine for sale, and much more!

It’s so neat to see thing just appear on the ground!


We brough E to the airport with plenty of time for his flight. He was even early enough to make the earlier flight! Yeah him! The main reason we went in with him was to purchase the best malted milk balls on earth! We found these candies down in Pagosa Springs when we went last month for my pottery and I emailed the candy makers to see if they sold their goods a little closer. The answered I needed to be a re-seller to get them or gave me a list of location to get them which included the main concourse of DIA. So we stocked up! If you ever see these candies – try some!! The Malted Milk Balls are called Moose Droppings!  The company is Colorado Candies!


This afternoon I got into the studio to do some glazing of my tea lights. Gotta get back in there weekly and continue to create! Sigh!


Weekend was very nice, I miss E though!