Summer TV

I LOVE last comic standing! Really really love it!  I’ve seen John Heffron a number of times and find him hilarious – I would prefer him to update his material but I still laugh at it all! I even have Alonso Boden as a friend on my space!  Hubby and I enjoy the show and love to see who wins! This season looks like it will be pretty good. There are even comics from and – that should add some fun! So take a gander this summer and get some laughs!


Another fun show we have discovered is On The Lot. Basically all the contestants have to make movies, show them to , get bashed by Princess Laya, and the directory of Beaches and Pretty woman and one random guest director. Then gets to vote on who gets to stay!  If you have tivo, give it a watch!  If not, it might be a little too tedious to watch. There is a lot of repetition that could drive you batty! The hostess is annoying as all get out and doesn’t do well on live TV, she messes up her lines constantly!

The movies you get to see are fun, interesting, different! Give it a watch!

What arer you watching this summer?