I not sure I went into the preventative methods I used to keep myself from feeling icky on our cruise. I must also give a mini disclaimer – I thought I got sea sick, but I think I just get really uncomfortable. I don’t feel the need to throw up, but I also don’t feel well.


I started with ginger. Ginger at least 2 times a day.  It worked great on our bus trips. I could beway back with no ill effects.  When wegot to the cruise it didn’t really work.

The whole boarding the boat etc was apretty rapid process and that probably didn’t help, but just sitting in themain cabin waiting for our room assignments made me very uncomfortable. I felta great need to be outside! I took more ginger, but then we were off andrunning to one of the islands.


After we returned I was feeling ok, made it through our dinner and show.


That night I was ok


The next day we hit land again, and I did ok, some others on the ship did not fare as well.


That evening getting ready for bed, I felt uncomfortable again, so I decided to go with a 24 hour Dramamine Less Drowsy knock off, as well as my pressure point cuffs.


The next day I felt great!  No ill effects, not sleepy, just doing ok!


I did have a little trouble with the bumpiness at night, so I’d occasionally use my pressure point cuffs and slept pretty well.