Have I mentioned that I really really like elephants?

Well today was going to be the day of all day! I had it on my work calendar, i would we working from home cause it was such an important day!

It was the day the circus came to town and they let the public watch as the elephants helped raise the circus tend! OMG!!  I almost peed my pants when I read about it! Hubby took the morning off as well to join in my moment of joy!

We arrived early! Gotta get a good viewing spot!  There were a ton of kids (with parents in tow) there already. Uh oh! 

But, We got to walk around and see the elephants, really close!

So we waited, and waited and waited! We could see the whole tent just laying on the ground just waiting for the mighty giants to lend a hand!

Then, it happened. Someone from the circus came over and said they were opening up the elephant ride. WHAT?  Don’t these fellas have work to do?  So they had little kids doing little loops on the elephants for $5 a kid.  Sigh.

So after an hour we decided to bail. So we didn’t get to see the elephants do their thing.

But I did get darn close to the fellas and that made my day! Woohoo!

Not a total loss but definintely a strike against the circus company and fulfilling the idea that they are only in it for the money. So sad.