Dinner,a Movie, wine and desert

We had dinner with friends last night. I was our job to pick out the wine, and pick up dinner along the way (which they called in and paid for).

We went with Italian at Via Baci. We have seen this restaurant numerous times, it is in our favorite Target parking lot, but it never looked like much so we never stopped. Boy was than an error on our part! We had a delicious dinner!

Hubby had the – DIAVOLO • spicy hot with san marzano tomatoes,
house-made mozzarella, sopressata salami, pepperoni,
pepperoncini, spicy red pepper, fresh basil

and I had the VIA BACI • chopped romaine and iceberg, fresh basil,
oven roasted turkey, fresh tomatoes, garbanzos, scallions,
fresh mozzarella, caesar dressing.

We also got the cheese dip for appetizer – yummies!!! Definintely a recommended spot!

It was our job to pick the wine, so I ventured to Lucas on Thursday – and came up with these


2002 Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley

Very tastey, not too many tannons, smooth on the tounge


Villa Caffagio – Chianti Classico


Smooth on the tounge, but not very memorable for the price.

L’Ecole No 41

Merlot – 2004

Columbia Valley – Wala Wala Washington

Our favorite!  Love the taste and the smoothness. We like it cooled.

We started with crayon house, next was Donedei and finished up wit the Chianti.
We of course loved the crayon house (L’Ecole), as did our friends, and really enjoyed the Donedei and would probably skip the Chianti on our next purchase!

We watched Last King of Scottland.

I thought I had heard of it, but really had not. Go figure! Me the queen of knowing movies and movie stars (sarcasm there). It was pretty interesting. Not a very happy ending kind of movie, but intriguing. Makes me and hubby want to go and learn some additional history!

And desert was brownies baked by yours truly! I love working from home! ;)
We decided we needed ice cream, I couldn’t decide on vanilla or chocolate so I went for both and found the most magnificent chocolate icecream ever! Haagendaz Mayan Chocolate!
If you decide you need a treat – this is the treat to get! Mmmm mmmm mmmm!

Good night had by all and hope to do it again soon!