Crunching can be bad!

Had a super duper busy week!


Monday – I started up with my friend who is a Chiropractor.Now don’t freak out I’m not getting adjusted, I’m seeing her about my knees.

Afew years back I had issues – Patellafemerol pain – as in the muscle that holds the knee on the inside  part of my leg is weak, and I walk like a duck, so my knee crunches and can become painful. I went to the same sports dr of the Ice Dogs from Long Beach, CA. He fixed me right up with exercises, drugs (I love me the celebrex), and inserts.  Then I moved to house with no stairs and didn’t really keep up with my exercises. No harm no foul. Last year we moved to Colorado and we have a lovely 2 story house with additional stairs to the basement (pottery studio), to the garage and out the front door!  I noticed my knee crunching more. I feared the pain that would follow.  So contactedmy friend McKenzie at the Chiropractic Dimensions office. 


She is a hoot and knows her stuff!  I had seen her at different event around town and was glad to give my business to her as well as support another woman in business!


So I’ve gotten new exercises and they did soft tissue manipulation with these crazy looking metal tools!  I’m definitely improving  (I’ve had 2 visits and am actually doing my exercises – go figure), now it’s just a click not a crunch!  (Small victories)  I’ll be viting a couple times a week for a couple more weeks, i’m excited to get better! I’m also using my foam roller on my legs – dang does that hurt, but hopefully that will release some of the tightness that keeps my outside muscles stronger!



One thought on “Crunching can be bad!

  1. Olicks are better than crunches! I say, go for whatever works!
    And this seems to be doing it. Hooray!

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