Crazy Carnies

The carnival came to town a couple weeks ago. They set up in such a manner that we could see the Ferris Wheel from our front porch!  I had visions of back home and how great it was when the carnival came to town!!  Fried dough  (east coast thing…. – every where else it is funnel cake), rides, games, fun fun fun!


Finally Friday night hubby and I decided to walk over. I had considered buying tickets for the rides cheaper before hand, but never got around to it!  Good thing! This carnival was the scariest thing I have been around in quite some time!  The carnies were typical carnies – scary, not someone I would allow control if my children if I had children! The rides were pretty scary too. Ferris wheel looked a little precarious – top of a hill, and super duper windy. Nope, not gonna do it!  Roller coaster was the kind with the short sharp turns – with a plummet to the parking lot below is someone forgot to tighten the right bolts. Nope not gonna do it!  IT was very humorous to see all the dads hanging around. I’m guessing all the mama hinnies sent the dads out of the house with the cherubs so they could have some piece and quiet!


So hubby and I walked the carnival and then walked back out and home! We didn’t even partake in the Funnel cake, it was that scary!


One thought on “Crazy Carnies

  1. Tee hee, too funny …….what goes around……..!
    I used to have the creeping horrors when you girls, as young-uns,
    wanted to go on those rickety carnival rides. Now you know why
    you road so many Merry Go Round/Carousels :-) Scary, scary, scary.

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