Bob Burg in Denver

Thursday – Bob Burg

I went to a seminar on Thursday! It was Bob Burg – Endless Referrals and Positive Persuasion. 

Such a great 3.5 hours!!  Some of things he suggested I already do, just cause I am who I am, and others were pretty interesting ideas! He’s from around Boston and lives in Florida now – in a town my friend used to live in. Weird!  Obviously I never met the man when I was living there, but still fun! I took pages of notes!  I have tons of ideas I now want to try!  I also got suckered into the  training library. I’ll let you know how it is, in a couple of weeks! I have found some interesting developments in myself from listening to my Law Of Attraction tips podcasts, so figured this could help me too!


Here are a couple of tidbits I left with – some common sence, but we tend to forget

You are always working with an infinite list of people that you can know.

People tend to work with (buy products from, get services from) people they know like and trust.

Don’t have an elevator pitch – have a benefits statement

            Ex: Financial planner would say – we help people create and manage wealth.

            Let people know how you can help them!


I’ll probably be putting together a power point of the info I got for my peeps at work, so if you want a copy, let me know!