Adventures in post holes

Hubby and I decided to take a shot  at creating some drainage in our swampy front yard!

We rented an auger. It’s a pity neither hubby nor I can look at something and know how bigit is! I knew we wanted holes that were 4-6 feet deep. We ended up with a bitthat was 2.5 feet. Sigh…  Also turns outthat Southern Denver area is built on a largepocket of clay. Ick! This stuff bogged down the auger something fierce!  We had a little trouble with starting themachine – something about where an arrow points to indicate on…  So we dug our holes, me bounding around onthe side that did not have the throttle. Hubby would try to aim it one wayforgetting I was on the other end of this lever! Kinda humorous!  We got lovely 10 foot section of pipe – which when combined with our 2.5 footauger…  left to us now having a lovely 8foot section of pipe standing in the corner of our garage…  We also got some “pebbles” and some weedblock. We think we have at least a start to stop our swamp…  One of the holes we actually hit sand…  the 3rd hole we actually hit thesprinkler pipe… Needless to say you may have noticed I am only focusing on 2holes!  Cross your fingers that tomorrowwhen the sprinklers turn on we don’t have a bigger swamp than before westarted!


Maybe pics tomorrow!