We are back

We returned from the Galapagos last night!  Fabulous time!  I’ll give you a little taste and follow up with “daily” updates as they occurred over the last ten days! 

Beautiful place, boat was excellent, food waseven better as some of the pictures show me getting bigger by the day! We saw tons of wild life – only about 1200 photos – I can’t find the cord for thecamera and hubby is still passed out so you’ll have to wait to see any! We did snorkel and we didn’t drown. Really a great place to go and check out!

2 thoughts on “We are back

  1. Welcome back!1 can’t wait to see all your pics.
    Well, maybe not all 1200+, at the speed my compooper downloads;-)
    Nice to see your IM lit up again!
    Love you,

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