Update on team building!

How was the game you ask?  Well… the Rockies won!

Although I left at the 8th to beat the drunkcrowds to the train!

Since I had downed a couple a brewskies and it was dark, I didn’t want to be alone very late at night on the train!


Our seats were as far from anything as humanly possible!

I could almost make out which team was whom!!

Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and since I don’t really like baseball and we just all ended up chatting and bonding anyway – it was a win win for me!


We got dip in dots – gosh how I love those little frozen beads of flavor!

Had some beers and had a really good time!


I was a little taken aback by the lack of people in the higher cost seats in the stadium!

Basically there were maybe 1000 people there, and most of us were in the Rock Pile.

How sad for Baseball in Colorado!