Spiderman on Imax

Sunday night hubby and I went with E and K to see Spiderman III on the big IMAX screen. Here in Denver  We arrived with over a ½ hour to spare for a 7pm showing (on a Sunday night) and the place was packed!!  We had to sit on the sides!  Then we got to see all the brilliant families come in with their familes in tow!  Itty bitty babies, 4 years olds, 6 year olds…  People really are amazing! There are only a couple of places to see IMAX movies and the one closest to us happens to be pretty close to Gettho!

Anyhoo  – I digress!

So the movie – how was it you ask?

It was ok. Maybe it would have been worth regular admission, but not IMAX costs!

It was $13 a piece for a super oversized screen, that they simply shrunk the height of the movie to fit on. Really nothing special… sigh…


The movie itself I found a little girlie! I guess they needed to make it so the women would go with their friends!  They managed to kill of a couple of the bad guys that now they can’t reuse (and yes that info was from my hubby).