I really do teach aerobics

As another facet of my every growing list of habits andhobbies, I have been teaching Aerobics since 96. 

I started out in So. Cal.

I started cause I shared an office witha super gorgeous, super fit, exotic, Chinese woman.

I started teaching because being a computer programmer kept me behind a desk over 8 hours a day.


I had the support of my cube mate and the support of some fabulous group fit directors over the years as I grew my repertoire. I started with hi-low, then step, then sculpt, ball, kick boxing, piyo, yoga, pilates… 


Over the years I moved away from the step, at least within the 24 hour clubs. The people there are hard core and one time made me cry (a story for another day)


Before I left So Cal for Colorado I has a yoga class at LA Fitness with 30-50 people each week. I loved them, I loved teaching! 


When we moved to ColoradoI decided to take a break. Hubby goes with me to the gym every day (well most days), so I didn’t need the constant appointment of a class to get my butt to the gym.  

 I’m going to start getting back in the swing of teaching. That way next time I have a span of time between jobs or hubby suddenly becomes independently wealthy, i can do that!