Fool me once.

I"m about to do something I don’t normally.  Usually I don’t blast companies by their real names in my blog, but I am so angry about this particular topic today that I can’t help it.  (Yes I let it sit and simmer for 3 days now)

Back in So. Cal I taught yoga and kickboxing.  (I’ll be my background there in another post)

Recently I decided to get back into it here in Colorado.

I went to Lady Fitness. They were very excited to meet me and definitely wanted me to teach a class. We chatted, I handed over my large stack of certifications and trainings. I am extremely qualified.

They asked my rate, I went with a number I felt was acceptable. They said ok. (no indication that this needed to be cleared with corporate or the owner)

I began teaching…  Every Monday night. Since mid March.

Then I got my first check, (that was monday – seems a bit long to wait, no?)

My rate was off by a factor of 3.

That rate was the rate I started at in 96.

The rate was a single digit.

I called assuming it as a clerical error.

My manager said no problem let me call head quarters

Headquarters called and restated the problem the wrong way thinking I needed my rate reduced… Bwahahaha. As if. I said no the number on the check was the problem.

They said ok, let me re-verify with your manager.

I get a call a couple hours later from the owner.

She mentions she has a note that something is wrong with payroll.

I say, oh yes, thanks so much for calling, it should be 3 times higher.

She asks who agreed to this rate – my manager and her underling.

She says we start people at that rate (let me mention again that this rate is a single digit).

I said I will quit if I am not getting the number we agreed on.

She says we wont pay you that.

I say then you can give my class away.

She says thank you and hangs up.  (At least she had manners, i guess)


The more I think of it the more upset I get.

I am used to a handshake and start teaching.

That is the way it always was in every club I taught at in California. (And i taught at a lot)

I think of the 3 times the amount of money I am now not getting. I even taught a class as a sub for them when I was sick. It effected my first 2 weeksat my real work since I over did it.

I’m still seething.

So, if you happen to be looking for a club to be an instructor at – don’t teach there, they don’t keep their word.

One thought on “Fool me once.

  1. LADY FITNESS…have to remember that name and NOT reccommend
    it to my friends. Companies that renege on paying agreed amounts
    to their employees will certainly not be fair to their customers!
    That’s a given!
    Perhaps a letter to the LABOR RELATIONS BOARD detailing their
    deceitful practices will make them clean up their act!

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