13 Drinks in the Galapagos

1. Pink Lady (version 1) – great creamy drink! Suggested by our server

2. White Russian – another suggestion by our server

3. Grasshopper – the best suggestion by our server!  Minty alcoholic milk shake!

4. Pisco Sour –  too strong for me!  Similar to whiskey

5, Red Footed Bobbie – served in a martini glass, grenadine at the bottom, something yellowish above. Pretty strong, but yummy.

6. Blue Footed Boobie – creamy blue drink

7. Pink Lady (version 2) – this time it was made with gin and a smidge of grenadine. Not as tastey as version 1

8. Trio Merlot – wine each night with dinner. Yummy!

9. Fanta – hubby loves the orange

10. Mixto (blackberry, tree tomato, strawberry juices) – yummy

11. Tree Tomatoe Juice – our welcome to Ecuador drink. Very different and yummy

12. Champagne – lots of toasts, very yummy

13. Chocolate Milkshake – we read Fernanado made the best, and he sure did!