Here I am

Sorry the hiatus…  New job, new commute, new way of living life!

I recently determined that I spend 13 hours on workout, commute and work. Sigh.

With the lovely cold I picked up before my first day at work, I’ve been pretty pooped.

And of course lets not forget to mention I also decided to pick up a Pilates class on Monday nights. What candle? Nothing left at this point!


So anyway – work fluctuates from good to not so good. I’m still trying to figure out my place. Today was pretty good and I’m excited to get my feet wet and get going on the new work!  Cross your fingers that things continue to get better and I do well!


I am also coming to grips with the train commute!  I set the alarm 5 minutes earlier, head to the gym closer to the house, head to the train and within 9 minutes make the train down town!  I’ve also figured out when to shut down my computer, grab my bag, and make the elevator down 20 plus floors to make it back home! Yeah me!  I’m having a little trouble with motion sickness and reading on the train on the way home. It seems strange since on the way in I ok…. Sigh.  Maybe I’ll have to have some ginger pills with my afternoon tea.


The other good thing is the speed at which I am goingthrough books. Of course I have some guilt for wasting a good 80 plus minutesof “fun” reading. So after another week or so I’ll decide what I should studyand spend my commute on that!