First day complete!

Yesterday was my first day at my new job. It’s downtown Denver, so I have no become a “commuter”  very exciting!



I’m actually pretty intrigued by what people are reading on the train. I’m tempted to take a survey once a week. But since everyone is also all i-poded up, it would be a pain! And then I would be nicknamed the crazy lady on the train!


So first day was pretty good. I’m in a sink or swim type of environment, so cross your fingers or throw me a life vest!  My “boss” is pretty much hands off and expects you to make yourself valuable and successful. Should be an interesting process since I am not sure all that my job entails at the moment!


I’m managed to pick up a lovely sickness before my first day – actually within 2 hours of leaving my last job- how sucky is that? So I have been hacking and sniffling all through my first 2 days!  Trying to get enough sleep, enough workout time, with enough time to catch the train to get here before noon!


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