Books from the Train

Nora Roberts – Two of A Kind

I always love Nora!  Always big strong men, always turmoil withtrue love winning out over all odds, and of course soft porn! Woohoo! The stories were interesting, with some neat twists. Just a fun read!


James Patterson – Judge and Jury

This was my first venture into the world of James Patterson. I enjoyed the way the story evolved and the first person writing in alternating chapters! As first I wasn’t sure I would make it through the story, but as it went on I just had to see how it would end. Of course there was some fanciful parts in the end, but if you have ever watched a james bond movie you can just let it slide!


James Patterson – Honeymoon

This one was definitely a page turner!  Yeah she was bad news, but not how bad!  Great ending, great story, great read!

I read a couple others, but i don’t have them in front of me right now! My bookshelves will be cleared in no time!  Anyone else have other suggestions?

One thought on “Books from the Train

  1. I love all of James Patterson’s books. He has several series. The Women’s
    Murder club, Alex Cross books, etc. Short chapters so you can put the book
    down when needed.

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