Always something else to buy

Hubby and I went out shopping yesterday to “complete” the list of needed items for our trip to the Galapagos.  Dang, I thought the trip itself was expensive… We went and got the recommended snorkeling gear. We found a great shop – Gobe Dive Shop in Littleton The helpful staff spent over an hour with us. When we entered I explain our need with hand gestures – mask and flippers!  They laughed and said right this way!  We found out the correct fitting for masks, that hubby had a large face – who knew?, that neoprene straps really hurt, that yellow flippers can distinguish you from a seal, that red disappears in the water, and that this stuff really adds up in price!  We really did learn a lot and spend quite a bit, but luckily as long as we clean all our pieces it will last forever.

So we now each have a mask, snorkel, flippers (which might or might not bring on our trip – trying to keep the weight of our luggage down), and water socks. We got some wet suits at Costco – half the price as the dive shop but I’m not sure mine really fits…  so we have to go back out and shop again today!

Always something else to get! 

I’m getting more and more excited for our trip~!