So Cal Disney Vacation

Having lived in California I never had the opportunity to Vacation in Disney Land. We spent the night occasionally, and hit the park as often as we could. But never did the Vacation thing. This was my first time on the West coast as a Disney vacationer!  We arrived Wednesday and took the shuttle to The Grand Californian. Bus ride wasn’t too bad, we only had 1 stop before our hotel.  We arrived there by 11am. The down side was there was no early check in. You would think if they allow United Vacations to create packages where they get people to the hotel 5 hours before check in they would arrange to have early check in…  NOPE.  So we handed over our luggage to the bellman, and carried our laptops to go find MIL and SIL. 


I got the hubby up for a work out the next morning. It was a little crowded and I had to use equipment I was not fond of but the heart was moving! Had to make up for all the food we were eating!


We got early admission into the park, which at first a thought was a lie, till I realized all the people that were not allowed in…  Oh dear!


We rode Space Mountain – with the new Chili Peppers sounds track and Buzz Light Year – again I kicked the hubbies butt!


Later that afternoon we caught up with friends E and K and the kiddos. We headed to the Tiki Room (my favorite) and then we let MIL and SIL off the hook and spent the afternoon on the kid rides so we could catch up with E and K. The big excitement was seeing Celine Dion on KC Jr’s Train Ride! I wouldn’t know the woman if I fell over her (no makeup, hair all curly) but the 7 foot wide body guards helped me figure it out!


The next day we slept in a pinch, worked out of course – good thing my hubby loves me and puts up with me! We popped over to California Adventure again for a couple ride  and just relaxed and enjoyed our time with Kim!  Kim is a dear friend that I really miss having around! Sigh.


Saturday was my day to see my kids! Ok, the 4 legged kind,but they still pull at my heart strings when I know I don’t get to see themevery day! I picked them up in the morning and we headed to the beach!  I got enough kisses to make a regular doglover sick, but scooter is my kisser and doesn’t ever stop unless you push himaway – which I didn’t! I miss his kisses! We enjoyed the roar of the sea and seeing the dogs snuffle and play inthe sand! After a while, I dropped the in-laws and hubby at the piers andbrought the boys back to their dad.  Itwas sad to say good bye.  I miss themvery very much.


We enjoyed lunch on the pier at Fred’s.  Lots of OC wanna be’s and young drunkards!


We headed back towards Disney with a quick stop to have my ring checked! Much cheaper than the over night postage for this ring!


We relaxed for a bit while MIL and SIL headed to California Adventure.

We got to see the Electric Light Parade! I didn’t remember it being that long!  And I am pretty sure they added new stuff! We also got to see the fire works over the golden gate bridge! Very fun!


We did a spin through the shops and then headed to bed!


Travel day was pretty low key! We spent most of our time at the airport waiting for the plane!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a really great time! The boys are so cute… You gotta get yourself a boston…

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