Mothers Day

I was off abandoning my hubby on slopes and got to ride up the lift with a bunch of brits.

Suddenly there were chatting about getting cards out to their mum’s for mother’s day.

I suddenly had a moment of panic – I had not done anything… wait… it’s march…

Apparently Halmark got me again – England celebrates a different occation – Mothing Sunday


Just a little tidbit for you all!

One thought on “Mothers Day

  1. I’m just now catching up…
    The tofu and asparagus look amazing. I might have to get the Mr. to make it. The choices at the theater sound absolutely wonderful!!

    Skiing – oh how we wish we could have been there. The children would have loved it. Hiking – sounds a bit painful… I’d skip that and ski.

    The bowl event – sounds like a lot of fun!


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