Krispy Kreme is a cult!

Today is my last day at my current employer. So I decided to bring some donuts!  You all know my favorite donut is Dunkin Donuts, but I don’t really like all these people enough to drive 2 hours to get them donuts – no offence.  So I stopped at KK. I  don’t normally go into KK, ever. I think I have done the drive thru once. I do know the “HOT NOW” sign means there are fresh donuts and they give you a sample. Bummer. I didn’t want a sample. I like my dunkin donuts!  So I’m waiting in line and they send a lackey to hand out fresh donuts, I say no thank you. He sighs and puts it down. I get my 2 dozen assorted and then wait. The big guy – I mean in power and size – asks if I have gotten my sample, again I say, no thank you. He gives an even bigger sigh and looks at me as if I have just peed on his grandmothers grave. Goodness, can’t a gal just get some donuts without having to eat one? Seriously it’s like 250 calories in one little handful – I’ve got other ways I enjoy more to spend those calories!  So I guess I’ll have to only go through the drive thru from now on!