Hardcore weekend!

Charity, Hiking and Skiing!


Friday hubby and I attended an Empty Bowl event down in Castle Rock.

Basically a bunch of potters make a bunch of bowls. A bunch of restaurants donate a bunch of soups. Every one buys a ticket, gets a bowl, and as much soup as they can eat!

I was under the impression that it was part of this association – Empty Bowls –  But it was not. I was a little disappointed, but all the proceeds went to a very good charity – The Women’s Crisis Center –  I donated bowls to them for a December event of a group I am part of.  I missed out on helping make bowls cause I learned about this event a little too late. I’ll get my name on the list earlier to be notified of the event.


Saturday we hit the hills with Jen,Dave and Kirby.


We figured more towards the plains would have less snow. We were wrong. But mostly everything was packed down pretty well. We hiked a nice loop. Followed the river to an old dam (this damn broke in the 20;s and was the 2nd worst flood in Denver’s history. The damn is over an hour from Denver itself and there was still a 5 foot high flow of water by the time it got up there. WOW!  We had to jump the river to finish our hike, Kirby decided to go for a swim and I think shaved off 10 years from Dave’s life since he was sure we was a gonner!  But she survived, we finished the hike, and we all needed a nap!  A total of almost 5 miles which we thought we be pretty easy since the elevation gain would only be 200 feet…  But the snow…  Walking sideways or off kilter really takes it out of you!  We finished off the night with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at Chedds! NUMMIES! – http://www.chedds.com/


Sunday – why rest?

We enjoyed the time change by getting up at the butt crack of dawn and heading to the mountains!  Since hubby had his new skis we had to try them out!  We got to Breckenridge at 7:30, rolled back the seats and napped till 8am!

We had a great time! Temp was 40’s, sun came out just as we put on our boots, and the fresh powder from the night before was glorious!  We stopped at 10am for some nourishment.  I was starving! I was hoping to forgo mountain prices, but my tummy had other ideas! Our knees were screaming by noon from our adventures of the day before. So we headed back down!


So I’m really ready for a normal week. I’m sure I wont get it!