FOOD and Bad theater.

Hubby and I did Denver Dining Week – we had had the whole week planned and then my job went into the pooper. So we stuck with just 1 night out together, and another night I had planned for when he was going to be out of town! I’ll talk more about that on another day!


Thursday was our big date night! We had tickets to Heartbeat – downtown Denver, and dinner reservations at La Fondue!  (Melted cheese and melted chocolate, seriously how can you go wrong!)  And they also had Martinis for 5.28 – oh the joy!


We got gussied up – I like to look pretty for my hubby!  Head down town. We arrived on time, got great parking – how rare! But now we know the secret!


Dinner was fabulous. Being it was 5280 week – the servings were smaller than normal – but that great for us!  We did the Mexican version of the cheese, and the hot oil for the main course! Previously, we have done the broth and been sadly disappointed! That healthy stuff when you are shoving face full of melted cheese should just go right out the window!  You get to put tempura on your veggies and dip them in the hot oil – sooo good!  Definintely a place to visit once in a while!  We each partook of the Martinis – I had the Cherry Squirt, and hubby had the Pucker Up. What is with those names. You feel dirty ordering them. Sigh.  But they were damn good and damn strong! Slurp



After that, off to the show! We had row C, center! SWEET!

We could see the drummers, in the orchestra pit, fabulous.

The show started…  I was perplexed. The people on stage were wearing drums, but not banging on them. Only the guys in the pit were. It started to get warm and sleepy. Uh oh.

There were 12 different scene changes supposedly showing different eras in . They all just ran around with different types of drums, but no drumming. Still only the guys in the Orchestra pit. Still warm, still sleepy.


Intermission comes, hubby looks over and says – “How do you like it?”

Me –“I was thinking we would just go home.”

Hubby  – “ok! I can live with that!”


So for one of the few times in my life after paying an inordinate amount of money for a ticket, left the theater, drove home and was probably asleep before intermission ended. Such a shame. We were disappointed that their ad was nothing like what was on stage. I would guess that maybe second half was better, but I was so annoyed and tired, that it was not worth my time. Another issue could be that I love the Japapnese Tyko drummers and was hoping for something similar. Sigh. It was not.


So the new plan – if it is a no-name production in Denver, we don’t getfront seats, and maybe we don’t go at all. And if it is a name brand – we skipand fly to LA for the weekend and watch it there months before!  Hate to diss my new town, but theater heresucks money butt.  (sorry mom).   Haveing spent many years on the east coast –Boston Theater, and the west coast – LA Theater.  This is just abysmal. 

Hubby thinks so too – see here


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  1. I’m just catching up..
    Bummer about the drumming thing. At least the meal was good!

    The mixmaster in the studio – You are a genius!! (I already knew that, but I thought I’d remind you..)

    Wine and food night – sounds terrific.

    How’s the hand?

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