Down in the Studio

I created a bunch of tea lights today. Well I had made some mini vases and pots monday, and today I trimed them and cut different types of holes to let out the light. I have stars, dragon flies, and daisies. They should look really great with the lights out –  wink wink!

I have one that I made years ago that is stars and moons, and we really enjoy the shodows on the walls.

My neice received 2 that were snowmen with top hats. The first one bit the dust via the cat. I think the second one is still around!

I’ll get some pics up after they are fired!

One thought on “Down in the Studio

  1. I have the second snowman tea lite holder that you made!
    Emma wanted to lend it to me for my first floor bathroom
    over the Christmas holidays. I was whining that I needed candle decor:-(
    It looked great with the snowmen dancing on the wall!
    I have it in my dining room on its way backto Emma.

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