Dang that smarts!

Hubby and I went to the Dr yesterday for our shots for our overseas journey.

The attempt to park took longer than the visit, including waiting in the waiting room!

They took us both at once, tag teamed us, jammed needle after needle into us and in a whirlwind were gone…

It still smarts today! We decided to skip weights today and just do cardio!

Both arms no less!

One side for tetnus, one side for Hepatitus A and B.


Funny story about the shots…  I had a friend that recently went to some country on the other side of the world – maybe . She was at the CDC getting Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hep A and B, as well as Malaria prescription. The helper to the nurse was apparently from that area of the world. My friend was making general conversation and mentioned something about going to a third world country. The nurse, not the helper, turned to the helper and said – WE don’t call it that.


Both my friend and I were thinking if it was not a third world country why are so many vaccines and shots needed for one to travel there? Seriously places where rivers are used as public rest rooms and locations to get “fresh water” do indeed qualify as 3rd world to me.

One thought on “Dang that smarts!

  1. Interesting…. I.never considered that "third world country" was
    a derogatory term! I think we have some supersensitivity there!

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