Circle of Heaven


Friday I was in Colorado Springs to pick up my new set of kiln sheves. The previous set was defective and all broke in half. Not very good if you expect these dang things to be able to get up to 2500 degrees and hold your precious pieces.

So my replacement shelves finally were in and I found 3 hours to spend driving there and back to pick them up!


The joy of the trip was that there is the closest place in Colorado where a Dunkin Donuts exists. I’m sure not all of you experience the joy that I do when I me my chocolate glazed donut. Mmmmmm! Slurp! I do love me the chocolate glazed donut!


So after I picked up my shelves and managed to spend over a ton of money on stuff I just couldn’t live without and more clay…   I headed to my circle of heaven!  They didn’t have my normal munchkins (or as hubby calls Midgits) I went with a dozen chocolate glazed!

Hubby and I have been in a sugar coma since Friday afternoon!

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