And then there was good news galore!

Last week the wilker household had some good news – besides going to Dunkin Donuts!

I received word that I was offered the job I had so hoped I would get. You all know nothing of the process cause I hate un-telling something – so I prefer to wait till I get the job and then ooh and ahh about it!


My job will be downtown which I am totally excited about! I have lived near big cities most of my life. I have utilized public transportation (except LA since it’s the land of earthquakes and nothing that runs underground ever went where I needed), but I have never enjoyed the hustle and bustle of working down town!  The job is super duper right up my alley! I’ll be no longer a code jockey – which is fine with me! I’ll be a combo of things – business analyst, integration expert, trouble shooter, liaison to the client, herder of cats…  I’m really excited! Still in the mortgage industry, but from a software company side now! Yeah me!


Hubby also received good news and that the position he was most excited about wanted him as well!  Sushi was on the menu that night!

2 thoughts on “And then there was good news galore!

  1. Hooray…nothing beats a job you really love and want to do!
    Congratulations to both of,

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