Mom (and Dad) have moved to be with my sister. But in the process have been offline for over a week now. How the heck am I supposed to complain, seek advise, check-in?  On the phone?  How passé’!

Having a bad run this morning…  Monday night I finally got into getting my glazes mixed. I only did 3, but you have to put it in a bucket, add the water, get out the drill mixer…  Then the fun begins…  You have to strain this mixture at least 4 times with 2 different type of grains meshes.  Of course I have never had many glazes so I only have a sieve about the size of a large coffee cup. So it is rather cumbersome, and difficult to get done.  So the next day I noticed a little twinge in my hand…  Took some advil and hoped it would just go away…  No such luck!  (And as I type I’m recalling Emma’s advice of not reaching for the far keys…  Owie!)

So my hand is throbbing, my lively hood both what I currently do and what I hope to do rely’s on my hands working properly. Grumble Grumble! 

 But I did get a couple more things up on my Etsy shop!  Some of my hand made cards too!

Cross your fingers that I get better soon!  I finally had a free night to throw too….


On other news – I did get a new page – Wine!  I’ll be posting there once in a while as to wines we have had. I’ve ordered them all kinds of way – I am indeed a dork at heart! The latest batch if from a Blind Taste Test we had as a friend’s house. Everyone brought 2 bottles, wrapped up and we tried them.  Gave our opinions, chose the best one, then revealed. Kinda fun! 




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  1. Mom and Dad moved to be with my sister, they built a house to be near the grand kids. I left the eastern seaboard over 10 years ago, so they stopped holding their breath that i would return or have kids!

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