We are now officially yuppy drunks

I had been eyeing a Bar at Target – yes I’m all class, I buy my furniture at Target.  It had gone on sale at one point, but I was worried about money, so we passed. Figured we’d catch it on the next sale.

We stopped at the liquor store last week to stock up on "essentials". You know all the stuff that is needed to make all the cool sounding drinks? Like Dragon Fly and Envy? And I chucked because we spent more on the liquor than I was freaking out about spending on the bar.

Today we went shopping at Target and for fun I said let’s go past our bar. Low and behold – my favorite thing was there – a clearance sale sign!

Only problem was the bar on clearance was not the black that would match our table set (also from Target.com). I pondered. I hemmed. I hawwed. Then I headed down another ailse…  and there it was. Our bar!  The perfect specimen. It has both sides that open to hold the top. It had more storage for all our numerous bottles. It was just what we needed. (All be it, still not the correct color, but hey…)  It was on clearance for less than half of the other one we had picked. Happy little campers, we head to check out, and guess what? It was 50% off! WOOHOO!

I almost did a little happy dance in the middle of target!  I got giddy and decided to make this an even better deal and use gift cards! So out of the door at $20 for our bar!

 Of course we get home and determine that the left door was built upside down. Ah well. We still love it!

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