Skiing on Sunday etc

We had a large crowd head to the mountains on Sunday!  Hubby and our friends that usually go – Dave and Jen – and another friend D hit the bunny slope!  I took the hubby of D and we headed over for some big time fun on the Blues!

It was at a peak at Breckenridge that I had not been to yet, so that was fun!

Then joy of joys it started to lightly snow. Ahhhh…  Can you see the angels fluttering, the light from above?

It was great!  Semi fresh powder every run! Woohoo!


It was a ton harder than on groomed and my quads were a bit surprised!  I’m currently almost able to go down the stairs gracefully at the house!  Even today at the gym – weight day – I refrained from any leg exercises! We usually do squats with the ball on the wall – oooooh no.


When we returned the hubby’s skis we saw the tent. The tent that had been there for a couple weeks. The tent with the green dots and large percentages off…  Currently my work situation is less then stellar since my current company ran out of money therefore I got my hours cut. Seems less than fair. So I would prefer not to spend anything that is not absolutely necessary. But the deals in that tent…  WOOHOO!  We got hubby outfitted with skis, boots, binding and mounting of said bindings for $275.  (And yes we did manage to forget the poles…).  But I mean seriously folks… That is a damn good price for ski equipment!

So onto the credit card it went! Cross your fingers one of us is back in the game by the time it comes due!


But hey, if we end up homeless we can ski for free till they close the mountain!