Saturday night wine tasting!

I had a friend of mine from the Traveling Vinyard come over and throw a wine tasting!


The line up:

Light Bodied White Wines –

Veronica Creek – South Eastern Australia– 2005 – Chardonnay


Miniature quiches




Medium Bodied White Wines –

Stone Briar – Baya Cellars – California – 2002 – Zinfandel

Crab Dip  (friends brought this for us)

Baked Brei

Grilled Shrimp (BBQ recipie from cooking light)




Medium bodied Red Wines –

Cotes Du Rhone – – Red Rhone Wine – 2003

Hummus (friends brought this for us)

Cheese Plate 



Full Flavored Red Wines –

Vina Alamosa – – Cabernet Sauvignon 2001


Bittersweet Chocolate  (Cost Plus – expresso flavored and one that was mango and chili pepper)



The Desert – Moscato D’Asti – 2005


We had a total of 14 people there to eat and drink! We spread out over the dining room and the living room.  Hubby and I manned the kitchen! Rolling out the  different food settings while they explained everything and poured the wine!  We enjoyed all the wines that were tasted! The Chardonnay was a nice  flavor and not the normal biting taste you usually get. 


We ended with the Port from ClearCreek Cellars in Evergreen (we provided that!). Most people seemed to like that as well!




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