Pottery Update!

 Hey all, I finally got back down into the studio in 2007! I did a smidge in January, started with some new low fire clay. I made a couple things that my mom-in-law has been asking for – but don’t tell her, cause I tend to shy away from custom work. I just hate “having” to do something!  But once I have blown through my creative time on the whee (depends on the day could be the whole time or just a couple pots), I am in the mood to have someone suggest something…  Yesterday it was just 1 bag through and I was “bored”. Not interested in all at what I was producing, so I decided to try tea pots again! I have lips and spouts just waiting for the bodies to harden up a bit so I can put them together! I went with the fat kind, next will be the type Chinese restaurants have – kind of squarish, with a cover the size of the whole top, the spout goes up and the handle is usually bamboo!  So far I have used 2 types of cone 6 clay – a light kind, and yesterday a dark kind. I have test tiles galore just waiting to be dipped into my new glazes! Hoping to get up to Denver this week for some sives – giants strainers for glazes that fit just nicely over buckets!  

4 thoughts on “Pottery Update!

  1. Hi Nicole … thanks for the visit today and for the lovely comment! Good to know that Vday worked out well. Come back and visit again :-)

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