New equipment in the studio

A while back when hubby and I merged households there were a couple duplicated appliances. Not the big ones, since I had gone from apartment to his house. But the semi major ones.  Like the kitchen aid mixer. Mine was a 5 quart stand mixer where the bowl lifts and lowers, hubby had the 4 quart with the head that tips back. Of course, mine was better, cause it was mine. Hubby had the same thought. So we had a mix-off. Both mixers would be put to the Neiman Marcus cookies recipe test. The mixer that survived in the best condition won.  I had made this recipe multiple times and figured I’d have no issue (and seriously, who is the one that bakes, of course my mixer would win not matter what, unless the engine gave!).  So we measured and mixed, added dry ingredients, and more dry ingredients, and still more…  My mixer decided to start smoking and hubby’s starting making a very bad sound. All in all we ended up with over 10 dozen cookies and 2 mixers in the house. 


Then we moved to Colorado.And we moved both mixers. My mixer got the spot on the baking station, hismixer was the back hall. The mixer just sat under it’s cute little cover thatmom-in-law had made. Just sitting, waiting for it’s day to help with cookiesagain.  Well….  After I hurt my hand in the studio a coupleweeks ago attempting to mix and stir my glazes I got to thinking…  I asked hubby if he would mind if I took hisprecious mixer to my studio and put it work. He was pleased to be of assistancefor Lazy Bear!  So I tried it and itworks great! It can sit and mix and mash for hours at a time and I can addwater or dry glaze mix whenever the mood suits me, what a fabulous idea!  So I now have a favorite new tool in thestudio, the stand mixer!