Low Key Weekend

Low key weekend!


After the evening of soul searching on Friday the rest of the weekend was pretty low key!

I slept till 9am on Saturday – totally unheard of! 

Then had to take another nap around 3:30!

We did make it to the post office to mail the niece and nephew V-Day candy, and Chili’s for lunch! Nummies!


We had a few friends over on Saturday night to show off the house, meet and greet with the 2 friends that didn’t know each other, and off to sushi!  (at Sushi Terrace)


Sunday was supposed to be skiing, but the weather widget said 80% chance of snow,  I am happy to ski in snow, but the rest were unsure on how they would enjoy it…  So home we stayed!


Did some shopping – finally go to go to Nordstrom’s Rack – only found 1 shirt- similar to the really expensive ones I bought at my last outing, and got really tired!  It is just a miserable downward spiral if things don’t fit. Over the years I have stopped doing spurts at the mall. I just don’t have the stamina! So we had to hit lunch then heat to Stein Mart – another first. I had never been in one of these stores. I didn’t find anything that fit, except for a pair of shoes…  Super cute and better than leaving with nothing in my hands!


We had a great dinner of Spicy Shrimp in Coconut Sauce with a side of Brow Rice and Roasted Seasame Asparagas!  (recipe coming soon)


My hand still hurts, so I had no chance to get into the studio – doesn’t that bite the big one!  It’s feeling better today and I haven’t’ had any advil in 24 hours…  Good sign!

One thought on “Low Key Weekend

  1. Low key works!!! I don’t think I can ever remember you sleeping that late — unless you’d been out until all hours the night before, anyway!!

    Sorry you didn’t find too much while you were shopping. I’ll have to visit and shop with you.

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