Interesting Evening

 I went with a friend to an evening of business building ideas with Arbonne (if you want a sample pack let me know, and click here to see my spiel).  It started with a movie called The Secret.  I was skeptical at first and laughing at myself – basically if a movie is playing and I’m not in a theater I need to be doing something else at the same time. Crafting, card making, organzing, puttering…  There was nothing to do but sit in a room with a bunch of other Arbonne reps and pay attention. (Now my thumb nails are nubs…  I had to do thumthing!)


The basic gist of the movie is (stop reading if you haven’t seen it and hope to)

The power of attraction and positive thinking. I found someof the ideas very interesting and might try to work them into my life. Thefella that wrote the chicken soup for the soul series believes in it. You getback what you put out. So if you are having a bad day, and think that more badwill come to you – it generally does. They push focusing on thinking of thegood things that you want. Example – Mother Teresa would never attend andanti-war rally, she would only attend a Pro-Peace rally. Made me thing.
Like I said interesting ideas.


A lot of it could be considered common sence…  But do we always follow common sence of think about it that way… no.


After the movie we all tore up a bunch of magazines and make vision boards. Something that we can look at to get us motivated toward our goals. I need to spend more time on mind, but it is in the kitchen now, so i can see it every day!


That was my exciting Friday night!  Poor hubby ended up working all night at home.  

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